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St Andrew's RC High School

Respect, Happiness,
Confidence and Ambition

Benefits offered through Social Security Scotland and other funding support/assistance

Ambition, Confidence, Happiness and Respect.


General Cost of Living 

The rise in the cost of living is really hitting but there’s more help out there than you might think. Trying to find out what you’re entitled to, what support is on offer and where to get it can be really confusing. A new website has been launched by Fife Council and partners where you can access a huge range of support, all in one place. With useful information, advice and contact details our.fife.scot/gethelp links to support with energy bills, food, benefits, the family, and home, as well as health and wellbeing, so you should be able to find help that’s right for you. There’s also an online benefit checker -so you can make sure you are getting everything you’re entitled to. #GetHelpFife 

Fife Council and partners want to ensure that every Fifer has easy access to coordinated practical information and support, which helps reduce the impact of rising costs when needed the most. Part of this campaign is the Cost of Living Support (fife.scot) website which provides information on the wide range of advice and financial support available to the people of Fife. This site will also be used internally by the staff looking for information on behalf of customers. 

With this in mind, the Council team would appreciate you having a look through the site, looking for information, making sure you can find the answers you were expecting, and then reporting back your findings through this Website Feedback Form: https://bit.ly/3MzLxYI  

All feedback will be used to inform how the site changes and improves in the coming weeks. #GetHelpFife 

Help with benefits and income support 

Did you know many of us are not claiming all the benefits we’re entitled to? It’s easy to find out what you may be due - use the free and confidential benefits calculator at https://our.fife.scot/gethelp. Enter your details and you'll receive an estimate of the entitlements you could be getting. It's worth checking!! For more information on increasing your income and managing the rising cost of living go to https://our.fife.scot/gethelp #GetHelpFife. 

Benefits Check

This link can be used to request a call back from a member of staff from Fife Council to provide this service.

Clothing Bank

We can make referrals for items of clothing to Park Road Clothing Bank on behalf of families.  Please contact your child's Guidance Teacher.

Ages 6yrs upwards (including school wear) and ladies and gents too.  Mostly everything is second hand but of good quality.  Please give as much detail as possible.  E.g. for adults, age can help in the type of clothes given.  


Support with the cost of living crisis 

Is the cost of living crisis affecting you?  Make sure you’re getting the help you're entitled to.  There’s help available for those who aren’t eligible for any benefits. Some of the support which is offered is universal, meaning anyone can get it,