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St Andrew's RC High School

Respect, Happiness,
Confidence and Ambition

S3-4 Business

Ambition, Confidence, Happiness and Respect.


The Course

This course is designed for all learners but may be of greatest appeal to those with an interest in Business. The combination of practical aspects and ICT based learning will enable learners to apply their skills and knowledge to real life business contexts. The course aims to enable learners to develop: ¨ Knowledge and understanding of business concepts in a range of contexts ¨ Awareness of the processes and procedures businesses use to ensure customers’ needs are met ¨ Enterprising skills by participating in practical activities in realistic business situations ¨ Financial awareness through a business context ¨ An insight into the impact of the economy on businesses and our daily lives

How this course can help you

 ¨ This course makes a significant contribution to general education through developing a range of essential skills which will stand learners in good stead regardless of the career path they eventually choose. 

¨ The course will develop skills such as enterprise, employability, numeracy, ICT and citizenship.

 ¨ It also supports literacy and health and wellbeing and considers the needs of all learners by providing the flexibility for them to achieve in different ways and at a different pace.

N4 Units Studied

Business in Action

Influences on Business

N5 Units Studied

Understanding Business 

Management of Marketing 

Management of Operations 

Management of People 

Management of Finance

N4 Assessment

To achieve the National 4 Business Course learners must pass all the Units 

Pass the  Added Value Unit. 

National 4 courses are not graded. The result will be pass/fail

National 5 Assessment

To achieve the course award the learner must pass the Course assessment which consist of 2 components: 

a question paper worth 90 marks worth  an assignment worth 30 marks

Expectations of the Department

 ¨ In Business pupils will be expected to always try their best.

 ¨ There will be regular homework throughout the course.

 ¨ Pupils will also be encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and keeping track of their progress using their e- portfolio.


You can find full detail of the subjects offered by the Business Education department by clicking on this link:

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