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St Andrew's RC High School

Respect, Happiness,
Confidence and Ambition

S3-4 Geography

Ambition, Confidence, Happiness and Respect.


In Geography pupils will study:

Physical Environments: Weather - within the context of the United Kingdom learners will study the

characteristics of the five main air masses affecting the UK as well as the characteristics of weather associated with depressions and anticyclones.

Human Environments: Population – learners will study studying social and economic indicators, physical and human factors influencing global population distribution and factors affecting birth and death rates.

Global Issues: Environmental hazards and health - learners will study a range of environmental hazards including earthquakes, volcanoes and tropical storms. Learners will also study a series of world diseases including aids, cholera and heart disease.


How this course can help you

Learners will develop higher order writing, thinking, analytical and processing skills. Learners will be expected to evaluate sources and to comment on these; to draw relevant information from sources and texts in order to write cogent and evaluative pieces of work. We will encourage learners to express articulate and informed opinions, and to write technically literate answers, using diagrams where appropriate. Learners will also develop skills that will allow them to make links across seemingly disparate subjects, and to understand at the same time why these inter-dependent links exist. Geography is extremely relevant at the moment as we live in a world affected by climate change. Learners will develop skills to look at the world around them, identifying the causes of change, the impacts of change and what they can do to help in the future.

Careers: A wide variety of careers are available to students of Geography among which are:

teaching, civil and structural engineer, military, any profession concerned with the environment, meteorologist, police, geologist, archaeology, oceanographer, journalism, researcher, demographer. Indeed, many of the jobs that rely on geographical knowledge and understanding have not yet been discovered yet.

Criteria for Progression to the Next Level of Certification

Progression from CfE Level 4 is to National 4. From CfE Level 3 the progression is to National 3.

Learners in S3 will progress to National 3, National 4 or National 5 in S4, depending on the progress they make in S3:

National 3: Pupils will be expected to be secure in most elements at Level 2 by the end of S3 National 4: Pupils will be expected to be secure in most elements at Level 3 by the end of S3

National 5: Pupils will be expected to be secure in most elements at Level 4 by the end of S3

Learners must pass all formative and summative assessments, including independent pieces of research.


Learners will be assessed by means of end-of-unit department assessments, formative assessments and case study projects. 

Learners will receive detailed feedback on their work, indicating areas of success, and areas to be developed


Expectations of the Department

We expect pupils to commit to this course, undertaking to complete all work to the highest degree possible. Good behaviour, a good work ethic, purposive activity and respect for fellow pupils, staff and materials and resources are essential to good academic progress.