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St Andrew's RC High School

Respect, Happiness,
Confidence and Ambition

S3-4 Health and Food Technology

Ambition, Confidence, Happiness and Respect.


The Course (description and levels)

  • Analysing relationships between health, food and nutrition.
  • Exploring why we choose the food we do.
  • Explaining Food Product Development.
  • Learning opportunities to participate in food practical and food experiments.


How this course can help you

  • Progress on to Higher or National 5.
  • Developing skills for further study in all Health and Medical Sciences (Doctor, Dentistry, Paramedic and Nursing), Nutrition and Dietetics, Sports Science, Product Development, Primary and Secondary Teaching to name a few options.
  • Further study within the Hospitality Industry.
  • Develop independent study, research and analytical skills that can be used in all areas of learning.

 Assessment – National 5

  • Question Paper worth 50% of the final grade.
  • Assignment worth 50% of the final grade – an exciting opportunity to independently use your practical, research and investigative skills. Lots of help and guidance given.
  • Hard work but lots of support.

Assessment – National 4

  • Complete each of the four main course units and carry out written and or a practical assessment for each one within class no final exam. Lots of support given.