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St Andrew's RC High School

Respect, Happiness,
Confidence and Ambition

S3-4 Music Performing

Ambition, Confidence, Happiness and Respect.


Performing Skills

Pupils will learn 2 of their chosen instruments (or one instrument and voice), while learning to read music notation. Pupils will have the opportunity to play and perform a wide range of music styles such as rock/pop, blues and classical.

Pupils are given the opportunity to perform regularly in class, at Masses, and at other school events such as concerts, to help them to develop their skills further and to facilitate the achievement of the Performing Skills unit outcomes.

National 4 8-minute programme Grade 2 standard 50% of the overall course award.

National 5 8-minute programme Grade 3 standard

 (Each instrument or voice is worth 25%)

Performing skills are formally assessed by a visiting SQA Assessor in February/March for National 5/Higher and May for Advanced Higher.

Composing Skills

Pupils will create their own music using instruments and computer software. Pupils will study several scores from different musical genres/periods, identifying and analysing skills, techniques and concepts used. Pupils will then compare and contrast examples studied with modern

interpretations, before experimenting with different compositional techniques to create an original arrangement of their chosen score. Composing Skills will be assessed externally by SQA.

Understanding Music

Pupils will listen to a range of musical styles, from different periods, aiming to develop the ability to demonstrate pupil’s awareness of musical concepts by responding critically to music. Pupils will complete an independent study of selected pieces of music to illustrate their understanding of musical concepts, music literacy and socio-cultural context. The Understanding Music unit will be formally assessed by SQA by means of an Aural Assessment, which counts for 35% of the overall course award.

Future Careers

Pupils can enjoy future careers in a performance, teaching, conducting or arts administrative capacity.

There are jobs to be offered in the media, broadcasting, music industry and theatre arts, i.e. sound engineering, recording artist, musician, conductor, radio/TV producer, social media marketing, publishing, music editor, music teacher, presenter, instructor etc.

Transferable Skills

Technical, practical and communication skills which will be used in learning, life and work to encourage students to understand the contribution of Music to their daily lives.

 Pupils will develop a strong understanding of specialised industry standards through practical and technological activities 

Will also utilise and develop their research skills and enjoy collaborative working within the school and with outside agencies.